Welcome to our new Website

“Welcome to our new Homepage”

Well, it is finally here and texu are delighted to share their new homepage.
Ever since the band met up and started preparing, arranging and writing new music for this new project, they have also been busy shooting videos and creating material for this website, which is designed to get them out playing and sharing their enthusiasm for this new musical project featuring Borja Baragaño, Brian Haitz and Mark Bloomer.

“The Beginning”
Mark and Brian began collaborating musically three years ago and since have played together regularly on stage and hosted a number of workshops. Shortly after Brian caught Mark playing the drums with another project called “Earthloop”, he instantly knew he’d found a rare combination that he had been looking for quiet a while – a drummer with strong roots in traditional folk music. Originally intent on producing a CD, Brian presented Mark with some of his own instrumental compositions and the two met and jammed a few things out, hitting it off instantly and finding a rare musical and personal chemistry, giving them a serious case of the itch to play this type of music to live audiences. The CD was scrapped in favour of using the material as a starting point to a new live band and thus the search began for a suitable lead melody player to complete the line up and realise Brian and Mark’s musical aspirations.

Brian had heard of renowed musician from Asturias, north of Spain, who had already built a formidable reputation in his native home as a one of the top Gaita and Flute players, and had heard he had recently moved to Germany. With some form of pipes being the preferred lead instrument, he almost inmediately contacted Borja and asked if he was interested in collaborating with the two.
After presented him with the idea, Borja was instantly excited by the prospect and happy to find like minded musician so quickly in his new found home.

After some musical exchanges (with the help of internet, due to the long distances between the three) they recorded some ideas without actually playing together, even then, it was apparent that something special was about to happen.
In November 2015, they final met for a live rehearsal to put these ideas to work formig a unique bond straight away. The music spoke for itself exciting all three members for the future possibilities.
Each member bringing a unique approach from Brian and Marks rhytmical and melodic influence with Borja bringing the traditional music od the Celtic regions throught Europe, including the wonderful music of his homeland of Asturias, all played virtouse with an unrivalled passion or his creative traditional music.

The band really looking forward to the future and getting out to play, so thanks for taking the time out to visit the homepage and pelase, if you enjoy our music, you’re welcome to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and sign up for our newsletter and future blogs.

Below, you can see a video from our very first rehearsal 🙂

See you!



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