Our promo video is ready

We are very excited to release our promo video, which shows the band in various locations including a larger live venue and a smaller acoustic set up. This was quite important to us to demonstrate the bands versatility regarding the venue size and in particular the possibility of bringing either a full drum kit or an acoustic percussion set. It was good fun recording all our videos, especially for Brian and Borja because they didn’t really do much… 🙂 We are particularly pleased with the result since much of the footage came from our some of our first gigs. Anyway…
We hope you enjoy!
PS: if you’d like to see some of our songs in full-length, check out our youtube channel (via the social media buttons at the bottom right of the homepage)… and if you really just can’t stop yourself then go ahead and share the music with people that may enjoy it too!
Cheers, Brian




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