Borja Baragaño – asturian bagpipe, flutes and uilleann pipetexu live borja

Borja hails from Asturias, a coastal region in the north of Spain, where the local traditional music and dance culture has a long history. It’s folk tradition shares a common bond with the music and dance traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and other “celtic” regions.

Aged 4 he began to learn traditional dances and became infactuated with traditional asturian music and subsequently went on to learn the asturian Gaita few years later. Embedded in this vibrant culture, Borja became more and more active by playing in local bandas de gaita (pipe bands) and partaking in pipe competitions. An interest in Irish music extended his musical scope and added the Uilleann Pipes and flutes to his array of instruments, which he is equally masterful on today.
He has, and still does play in Asturias with several folk bands such Llangres, DRD, Acuéi, Felpeyu, Llan de Cubel, all of whom he recorded CDs with and toured extensively to help show asturian music to all corners of the world.In 2014 he recorded his solo album, “Where I could go”, with a bunch of asturian musicians.
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