Brian Haitz – guitar, bass, vocals and etexu 5lectronics

With one half hailing from the german/french border and the other half from north-side Dublin (Ireland), Brian is another expert in border-crossing, musically and personally. His irish father was an avid promoter of Irish music and culture after moving to the continent in
the 80’s, creating a vibrant musical environment that Brian grew up in. Starting on whistles and flutes as a young kid, he later picked up the guitar (dadgad tuning) and soon became fully engulfed in irish music, touring english folk festivals and some continental ones with a
raw and edgy trio named “Choonz”, that the worlds largest buskers festival Ferrara labeled “musical wizards”. The later all-german irish music band “Cosán” recorded an album to critical acclaim. He went on to do a BA in music production and become a full-time musician teaching various instruments. His live career luckily landed him on stage with more musicians such as Paddy Keenan and Alan Doherty and later Rüdiger Oppermann,
Germany’s world music guru.
With one feet firmly set in traditional folk music, his second love is the art of fusing it with
modern electronic elements, adding not just a drone-to-jazzy style of guitar
accompaniment but also venturing into samples and effects for texu.