Mark Bloomer – drums, percussion and vocals

texu live mark

Mark is a multi-instrumentalist from the Black Country around Birmingham in England.

His musical career began as a drummer in the Indie and Psychodelic Punk scene, joining bands like Drop and Bablyon Zoo, both touring and achieving national success, the latter going on to land an international number one hit.
He left the UK to travel into the unknown and discover new musical horizons, taking him on a spiritual trip through Europe, parts of Asia and the US. Eventually landing in Ireland on an extended living stay, he developed a strong connection and passion for celtic music, soon making himself a popular session guitarist on the traditional music scene around Cork. Further travels took him to Germany where he met his wife and now resides with his family.

Nowadays he is best known as one half of award-winning Folk Roots duo Broom Bezzums, where he has developed into singer with a much-loved style of songwriting, keeping the tradition of english worker and protest songs alive and strong. A listen at is well worth a visit, with the latest of their 5 studio albums taking an important german national critics award (Deutsche Schallplattenkritik).

With a burning desire to play the drums waiting to be re-awakened, he jumped onboard with Borja and Brian to form texu combining his love for traditional Celtic music with the passion for rhythm and experimental sounds.